Since the formation of MAS by Mr. Helmuth Schulz in 2006, the guiding principles of the company and indeed of every employee has been that; innovative technology leads to measurably better results. Clear, unquestionable, and distinctive in process, in field and not least quality.

Over 40 years expertise in machine engineering within the plastics industry, numerous industry specific patents as well as the engineering spirit provide the foundation of this technology.

MAS specialises in machines and equipment for plastics recycling and processing and has a reputation in this sector for innovative solutions and best-of-class process technology competence. MAS’s across-the-board portfolio includes planning, designing, manufacturing and distribution of plastics processing machines and equipment for recycling, refinement and extrusion of plastics/composites.

MAS’s core competences are:

• Dry recycling of used plastics based on the innovative DRD System (Double Rotor Disc)

• Processing of plastics/composites in the world’s first, conical, co-rotating twin screw extruder from MAS

• Efficient melt filtration with the CDF (Continuous Disc Filter)

Product Range

MAS Extruder – Conical Co-rotating Twinscrew

The conical co-rotating design of the MAS extruder supports a versatile range of applications. The MAS extruder is suitable for virtually any application in the extrusion sector:

  • recycling of polyolefins and technical plastics
  • recycling of plastics that are sensitive to temperatures and shearing
  • admixing of dies, additives such as CaCO3, talcum, etc.

CDF Melt Filter

The CDF (Continuous Disc Filter) designed for continuous melt filtration applications developed at MAS offers extensive benefits as opposed to its competitors.

  • Up to +200% larger filtration surface.
  • Lower mechanical strain.
  • Better filtration performance.
  • Lower material losses.
  • Longer lifetime.

Cascade Extruder

The cascade extruder using in conjunction with our CDF in the retrofit of an existing single screw extruder can have numerous benefits for your company. The benefits include:

  • Up to +56% higher throughput.
  • Up to +15% higher bulk density.
  • Up to -15% less transportation costs.
  • Up to -100% less repelletising.
  • Up to +€4 million increased turnover per annum.

DRD System

MAS dry cleaning plants are a modern and extremely economical alternative, or an optimal supplement, to conventional wet cleaning plants. Based on the tried-and-trusted DRD (Double Rotor Disc) technology, the plant combines the cleaning centrifuge with thermo-mechanical drying. This special design allows for economic deployment in a wide range of applications.

Benefits of the DRD Dry Cleaning System:

  • far lower cost of investment
  • no need for water treatment
  • no waste water disposal costs
  • no need for complicated operating licenses
  • far lower maintenance and service overheads
  • far lower operating costs