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With more than 50 years’ experience, SCITEQ A/S is one of the world’s leading specialists in process control and test equipment for the plastic pipe industry. We never rest on our success nor compromise on quality. We are experts in test and in order to remain so, we continuously need to improve our products through development.

Pipe & Fitting Test Equipment

Laboratory equipment for pipe and fitting testing. For all applications and standards within pressure test, impact test, leak tightness test, rapid crack propagation test, compression test, tensile test.

Raw Material Testing

Analyse and determine the correct quality of the raw material to ensure end product capabilities with the wide range of high-end equipment including tests in respect of DSC, MFR, MVR, density, OIT etc.

Preparation Equipment

The preparation equipment is designed to ensure optimal testing. Sample preparation range consists of i.e. laboratory saws, copy millers, notch millers, conditioning chambers, thermo tanks and ovens.