Service & Support

A project doesn’t just end at commissioning, it then signals the beginning of our comprehensive service & support relationship with your company.

Here at JWA we pride ourselves on offering exemplary service and support to all our customers. We offer a number of service agreements and support packages offering:

Bespoke Support Packages

Continued support after commissioning to ensure your system runs at maximum efficiency, performance and uptime. 24Hr technical support from our engineers. We can accommodate your specific requirements for service and support of your system.

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud monitoring service to access your system on a multitude of devices / platforms. This offers a multitude of benefits such as improved security, effective data acquisition and monitoring, ease of use and the peace of mind to know everything is under control.

Obsolescence Mitigation

At JWA we apply an obsolescence mitigation and management system that allows us to support our customers throughout the life cycle of your system. Ensuring that we can offer you updated equipment either strategically, proactively or reactively to ensure maximum efficiency and quality of your system.

We’ve been involved with JWA for a number of years now, from acquiring new recycling machinery to using their expertise to engineer a complete wash-line using their Siemens PLC control system. We are delighted with the work they have done for us, not just the results of the control system which has allowed us to increase throughput substantially but also the continued support offered by their engineers whenever we need them.

Jason Hall, Group Engineering Manager – Jayplas

Let us engineer the perfect solution for you.