Innovation from Tradition

Know-how from more than 110 years of experience

PALLMANN – a family organization for 7 generations, started out as flour millers and mill designers. Founded in 1903, the present company is a major machine manufacturer with worldwide capacities, specializing in size reduction and preparation techniques in various industries, offering more than 1000 machine designs. The largest size reduction program of its kind fills applications for any soft through medium hard, brittle to viscoplastic and fibrous products in the wood, plastics, recycling and process technique.

Recycling of Valuable Materials – Conservation of Resources

Recycling means more for Pallmann than just the size reduction of valuable materials. In order to transfer valuable waste materials into reusable materials, which can be reused as secondary raw materials, a perfectly functioning, robust technology with specified material preparation, designed for continuous operation, and proven logistical concepts is needed.

We are constantly researching and developing new projects for the recycling of valuable materials and were the first ones to size reduce and pulverize PVC waste at normal temperature.

By means of economic size reduction systems, we create the condition for a second chance for waste and residual materials, exploit new sources of raw materials, reduce contaminants and greenhouse gases and protect natural resources.

Pallmann supplies, among others, solutions for the recycling and preparation of

  • Used tires and rubber
  • Waste wood
  • Waste paper
  • Biopolymer
  • Floor coverings
  • DSD and domestic waste
  • Film waste
  • Plastic fibers
  • Plastic containers
  • Plastic profiles
  • Plastic pipes
  • PVC waste
  • PET bottles
  • Carpet
  • XPS sheets and foamed materials


As a specialist in the field of size reduction technology, Pallmann manufactures high capacity shredders used for the production of valuable secondary raw material and finely tuned to the specific requirements in modern recycling plants. These powerful single- and double shaft shredders are operated with controlled hydraulic drives. They offer steady, high throughput rates and high availability of the installation at low maintenance costs. Constant quality of the end product, protection against foreign matter and low maintenance requirements are included.


For the production of finest powders from precut valuable materials such as rubber or plastic, Pallmann supplies most modern pulverizing systems with high throughput rates. The produced rubber powders and plastic powders distinguish themselves by high bulk density and excellent flowability. This is a prerequisite in order to reintroduce them directly into the production cycle or to bag them for other processing purposes.

Recycling Systems

For special recycling fields, Pallmann supplies complete systems. From feeding of the valuable materials, to precutting up to the end product and its transport, we offer the complete package from a single source. Your advantage… just one contact who is available to answer any questions and issues. All system components are of high quality and perfectly matched to one another!